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Acceptance of the terms and conditions implies accepting the following clauses:

1.     We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice or notification.  

2.     In no case, SAEZ SANCHEZ Arquitectos, partners, associates, officials, affiliates, employees, directors, successors, assignees, suppliers or licensees will be responsible for any loss, direct, or indirect damage or of any kind, loss due to use, loss of data, business loss, profit loss, device or content damage.  

3.     The data provided will be part of our database, for statistical purposes and will be confidential.  

Four.     The form does not imply any acceptance of a job proposal. It does not imply any contractual relationship and is for illustrative purposes only.  

5.     The response time of the request can be variable and at the consideration of Saez Sanchez Arquitectos. Being able to not respond to it at its own discretion, without any notification and, without this implying in any way a responsibility of any kind.

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